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Nov 30th – Conor Byrne – Ballard, Wa.

After taking a break from playing out to work on our new record, we’re coming back to the Conor Byrne for an acoustic show on Nov 30th. We’ll be playing songs from the new record, “Sapphires” and gearing up for the release later this winter.

Records, Records, Records

I’ve been in the studio a lot these days, so posting has fallen a little by the wayside. Our new record is well underway. We did the basic tracks at Studio Litho over four intense days. Some more work happened at Ballard’s Crackle and Pop studio, and I cut vocals in my apartment. It’s now time to start having some experimental fun with the sounds and textures, and getting the guest appearances recorded. Like all records, this group of songs is revealing itself as we move through the the process. You always have an idea of how things will sound, but once you actually start getting things recorded the songs take on a life all their own.

One reason the record has taken a while to complete is that since we started I’ve worked on two other album projects for Seattle bands Massy Ferguson and Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs. The Massy Ferguson record, called “Hard Water” just came out last week on Spark and Shine Records and has been getting some nice airplay on KEXP. Star’s record is still in progress, and is sounding truly amazing!

All this studio time has made it tough to book a lot of shows, but there’s some out on the horizon, so stay tuned…

See you soon,

Spring Update

Spring has sprung, and now we’re jumping into action! We’ll start off with a show at the Tractor Tavern on Friday April 30th, with Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs. Opening the night will be The Legendary Oaks. Get your advance tickets here.

After that one, we’ll head out to Ellensburg to play Raw Space, the new rock club out there. That should be a great show, with Open Country Joy joining us.

At the end of May, we’re heading BACK INTO THE STUDIO to start work on a second full length album, due to come out this fall. Stay tuned for updates as the recording progresses. We’re starting the project off at Two Sticks Audio, where Brad has worked many times producing records for Star Anna, Nathan Wade and the Dark Pioneers, Viva La Villians, and just a few weeks ago, Massy Ferguson.

A weekend of great shows

We’ve got another action packed weekend of music ahead of us. Tonight we’re at The Skylark in West Seattle. We’re playing with the 1Uppers and Countrycide. This is a free show, and we always have a great night when we play out there. Great vibe in that room! Then on Saturday we head out to Ellensburg to meet up with our friends Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs to play a show with them at the Iron Horse Brewery 5th anniversary party. A party thrown by people who make beer could prove to be a pretty rowdy night!

Muse Muse Review 10/10

“This is good rock and roll. The song is Racing A River. The next cut, The Heist didn’t disappoint either. The insistent guitar riff that anchors the song rocks the band through a song of robbery gone awry. Sparrow features Zeffren’s vocal over a latin spiced rhythm laid down by Obee’s snaky bass line and Padilla’s percussion. When the lead guitar comes in, full of passion and distortion, the song really takes off. Crowds of the City is a nice rock number with solid guitar work. Barricades was one of my favorite songs on the CD… the band rocks. The Map Is Not The Territory is a very strong offering from Hurricane Chaser. This is a band with strong commercial potential.”

-Don Sechelski, Muse Muse Magazine, Sept 2009

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Seattle Sound Review…3.5 stars!

Taken from the July issue, p. 71.

“Maybe its Brad Zeffren’s slightly nasaly, early Dylan-esque voice. Maybe it’s Zeffren and Derek Pulvino’s moody, twangy guitar licks. Ben Obee’s looping basslines or Moises Padilla’s steady rhythmic percussion. Nathan Spicer’s shimmering keys. Or Kristen Ward’s backing vocals on “The Heist”. Nailing down the quality that makes Hurricane Chaser’s debut sound so immediately and comfortably familiar is a tough task. Zeffren’s introspective lyrics (“Black and White/ shows you where to begin/ because everything turns black and white when it ends”) and low-key delivery pair with the instruments acoustic/electric, country folk sound to create a melancholic but soothing tone established in opener “Racing a River” and carries through to the lost-love-but-not-hope “The Lighthouse”. Pair The Map Is Not The Territory with Zeffren’s local sonic history (former co-owner of Chroma Sound, Star Anna/North Twin/Kristen Ward producer), and it’s easy to see this band and it’s players making big names for themselves.”
-Clint Brownlee
Standout Tracks: “The Heist”, “Barricades”

No Depression features "Barricades"

For the month of April “Barricades” has been in the featured player over at No Depression online. It’ll be there until the end of the week, so if you haven’t seen it, head over to, and remember to give us a nice 5 star rating, it’ll make you feel better I promise!

Interview with Seattle Times writer Nicole Broduer

Brad was interviewed this week in advance of the Tractor show. There’s some interesting factoids about the money generated from the Seattle arts community, and some esoteric talk about making records.

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"Aint That Good News"

Hey there. It’s been a busy little stretch for us. At the end of March we celebrated the release of our debut record, “The Map Is Not The Territory” with a great show at the High Dive. Joining us were Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs, and Kim Virant. While on the surface, it seems like just another show, there’s something special about a CD Release show. Making records can run you ragged, so getting one done and out into the world feels like a milestone, and it’s great to celebrate that with friends.

If you don’t have a copy of our new record yet, make sure to visit the music page to have a listen. You can even download a copy for free!!!. It’s a thank you, for signing up on our mailing list. There’s also an option to enter your own price (within reason!) for higher quality files, so make sure to check it out.

Just a few weeks after the CD Release party, we decided to turn all of our music upside down and do an acoustic set with a horn section at Chop Suey. It was an experiment for sure. We switched up how a lot of the songs feel, and brought in Brett Joseph and Josh Thomas to play horns. A completely different vibe!

Next Saturday night we share the stage with Star Anna again, this time celebrating the release of their new record at the Tractor. I had the good fortune of producing their new record so it feels like I get two CD release parties, and of course we’re all real excited to throw some down with the Laughing Dogs once again! Sharing the bill that night is the amazing Kristen Ward and her band, with newest addition Greg Garcia on drums. It’s going to be a really great show!

See you soon,